The Municipality of Matera has the privilege and the responsibility to safeguard the historic town of Matera, which was declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993. The whole town and its surroundings were declared a “cultural landscape” since they constitute an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, which actually represents an entire way of life. The Municipality focuses on work towards the preservation, restoration and management of the Sassi, the two neighborhoods of the city that developed from the 15th century onwards and the numerous churches that were established from the 13th century onwards both in the town and at its outlying territory. The Municipality focuses on taking advantage of the opportunities offered by public and private offices, organizations and foundations in order to safeguard these exceptional monuments of human culture in the best possible way.

Past projects of the Municipality of Matera are:

  1. the restoration of the Crypt “Cristo Docente”, 13th century, in the outlying territory of Matera, which is of much historical and artistic importance for Italy and Europe  - cooperation with  “Progetto Fondazione Città Italia (cidac)”.
  2. the restoration of Peccato Originale, a church of the 13th century – cooperation with “Fondazione Zetema”.


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