Mount Sinai Foundation, a pon profit institution, was founded in 1986 in Athens (Greece) by the Greek Orthodox Monastery of the God-Trodden Mount Sinai – St Catherine’s (A.R.Egypt) for “ a) The more profound acquaintance with the roots of the Greek Orthodox Tradition and the Dissemination, in every possible way, of the Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Literature, Education and Art, as well as b) The strengthening of the multilateral spiritual, civilizing and philanthropic work of the Holy Monastery”. Since then, the Mount Sinai Foundation is involved in the creation and development of the Sinaitic Monuments Archive, and supports Sinai Monastery and its Dependences as technical advisor in their activities on cataloguing, archiving,  publishing, exhibiting, recording, preserving, restoring or excavating, inside or outside Egypt.

Selected activities of Mount Sinai Foundation:

  • Restorations at the central Monastery or in its Dependencies in Egypt or in Greece.
  • Cataloguing sinaitic movable and immovable monuments and sites in Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Turkey.
  • Cooperation with International Museums and support of international exhibitions  of Byzantine and Sinaitic Monuments in  Greece.
  • Study ,excavation, conservation and restoration of Sinaitic Monuments, 

Management or Participation on projects related to computing and informatics in usage on monument’s archive management:

  • Candia, Electronic recording of immovable monuments of Crete  (1989),
  • Polemon Electronic recording and Management of movable and immovable monuments of Greece (1994),
  • Anthivolon, Management of Byzantine Iconografy (1994),
  • Polux, Electronic Thesaurus of Terms. (1998),
  • Routs of telecommunication on Greece and Middle , Polemon project and Sinaitic Monumens(1999),
  • Net of Greek Foundations on cultural Informatics Participation on the net (1999),
  • D Scribe, E learning on Greek Palaeography, OCR on Greek Manuscripts  and other tools for the Greek Palaeography (2002),
  • Sinaitic Archive of Monuments, Recording, digitising and  promoting the published monuments of Sinaitic Heritage (2004)

Publications of the Mount Sinai Foundation

  • Sinai, The Monastery's Treasures, Superνision of Volume: KManafίs, (Gr., Eng.), Ekdotiki Athinon, Athens, 1990.
  • Catalogue of the Syriac Fragments (New Finds) in the Library of the Monastery of Saint Catherine, Mount  Sinai, Sebastian Brock, (Eng.), Athens, 1995.
  • “Klimax”  (The Ladder of Vιrtues), by St John Sinaite, (Ar.), Athens, 1998.
  • The New Finds of Sinai, P.G, Nikolopoulos, (Gr. Eng.), Athens, 1998.
  • Treasures of Neo-Hellenic Μ, The J.Perdios Collection, N.Missirli', S.Lydakis, (Gr., Eng.), Athens, 1998.
  • The Sinai School of Saint Catherine in Crete, Argini G. Fragkouli, (Gr.), Athens, 1998.
  • The "Synaxis" of AIl the Sinai Saints, (Gr.), Athens, 1998.
  • “Klimax”  oder die Himmelseiter, Heiliger Johannes νοn Sinai, (Germ.), Athens, 2000.
  • The Ancient City of Faran, Ρ. Grossmann, (Gr.), Athens, 2002.
  • Analecta Sinaitica', Ρeriodical edition, νοl. 1., Athens, 2002.
  • Desk-top Calendar 2003, The Mosaic of «The Transfίguration», (Gr., Eng.), Athens, 2002.
  • Mural CaIendar 2003, Saint Catherine in Sinaitic Monuments, (Gr., Eng.), Athens, 2002  (superνision).
  • Itineraria of The Ηoly and God-Trodden Mount Sinai, S. Κadas, (Gr.), Athens, 2003.
  • Desk-top Calendar 2004, Metalwork Offerings, (Gr., Eng.), Athens, 2003.
  • Desk-top Calendar 2005, Old Books from Monastery’s Library, (Gr., Eng.), Athens, 2004.


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